LNW Investment Approach

The vision, structure, and discipline required for investment success.

A Strategic Business Plan for Investing

Investing with Your Life in Mind

We create for each of our clients a strategic business plan for investing that brings vision, structure and discipline to the preservation and growth of capital, now and over multiple generations.

Our investment team practices an investment philosophy grounded in these tenets:

  • Goals-Driven and Pragmatic. We have a singular focus: To maximize the probability you will achieve your financial and non-financial goals in the real world using real dollars (net of taxes, fees, inflation). 
  • Focus on What We Can Control.  We devote our energy and expertise to factors that increase the probability of success: goals-aligned asset allocation; investment vetted by in-depth due diligence; and the astute management of taxes and fees.
  • Long-term, Nimble Positioning. We work to know you and your circumstances from the very start of our relationship. This allows us to build portfolios that stay aligned with your needs and goals through full market cycles.
  • Returns Are an Outcome of Risk. We believe focusing on risk first is the key to long-term investment success. We work to understand, calibrate, and get compensated for the many dimensions of risk embedded in your portfolio. 
  • All Investments Have Impact  Positive and Negative. We believe environmental and social considerations are material factors when underwriting an investment. This is not a values-based approach but simply smart investing.

The decision-making process of our investment team has the following underpinnings:

  • Very little weight placed on Wall Street forecasts and media reporting. We draw on multifaceted data analysis and research from independent providers as well as insights from the asset managers we work with. 
  • Third-order thinking. We avoid cause-and-effect analysis. Instead, we consider the variety of scenarios that can arise (2nd order thinking) and set our course based on the longer-term repercussions of the most likely scenarios (3rd order thinking).
  • Recognition of cognitive bias.  We consistently seek to detect and mitigate bias in decision-making, including within our investment team, the asset managers we work with, as well as in our clients’ thinking.

Our Investment Philosophy


Investing at LNW is just as much about you and your goals as it is about the markets. Find out why client-goal achievement is our highest priority and how we make that happen.

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