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Our Unique Approach

what makes us

Choosing a wealth management partner is tricky. 

They may look similar on the surface, but every firm has its own unique strengths and emphases.

Here’s the executive summary of what distinguishes us from the vast majority of advisory firms.

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Relentless pursuit of great outcomes.

A tremendous amount of careful thought has gone into the design of our firm. Nothing gets greater emphasis than helping you get the results you’re looking for, in terms of your lifestyle, legacy, investments and overall peace of mind. Our longevity, reputation and high client retention reflect our clients’ satisfaction and success.

Intimacy balanced with scale

We’ve intentionally limited the growth of our firm to maintain unusually close, productive working relationships with clients, and with each other. At the same time, we’ve pursued a scale that allows us to surround clients with a deep and diverse team of specialists. The collective assets we manage for clients also open up investment opportunities that smaller firms often can’t access.

Fiduciary responsibility

Not every financial firm maintains a fiduciary responsibility to its clients. We do. That means we put your best interests above those of our firm and every other consideration, in every situation. In line with that ethical standard, we offer no in-house products, and derive no revenue other than the fee you pay us to be your dedicated wealth advisors.

A culture of caring

This comes up repeatedly, because it’s essential to who we are — decent, dedicated professionals who care a tremendous amount about your well-being. Caring manifests itself in many ways in our work for you, including the clarity and quality of our communication, the rigor of our recommendations, our collaborative style, our easy accessibility, and our proactive approach to helping you stay on course to meet your goals.

A talented, collaborative team

Our team is comprised of exceptional financial talent spanning a wide range of disciplines. This includes wealth planning, investments, trust services, impact investing and much more. Each of us is committed to open collaboration with other team members, with you and with the other professionals in your life. The collective impact we can make on your behalf is far greater than that of any individual.

Industry leading impact investing

Not every client is looking for impact investing. But if you are, you’ll find you’re working with one of the country’s most sophisticated operations. Our deep experience, up-to-date intelligence and customized approach will provide you with a variety of strategies for aligning your values and your investments, while also prioritizing the potential for positive returns. 

In-house trust services

It’s rare to find a wealth advisory firm that includes a registered investment advisor and an independent trust company. We’re experts at helping you explore the potential strategic and tax benefits of trusts for your situation. We’ll advise you on which type of trusts could work best for you and serve as a trustee or co-trustee, managing the investment and regulatory requirements of trust administration. We’ll also work closely with your trust beneficiaries to make sure your intentions are honored, and your gift allows them to thrive. 

Stability and continuity for perpetuity

Many of our clients are multi-generational families whose plans extend far into the future. Whether that describes you or not, we’ve structured our firm to provide you stability and continuity for the foreseeable future. Our owners are a combination of active firm members who serve you and The Laird Norton Company, who are committed to maintaining the firm’s autonomy for the long-term. That means we’ll be here for you for a long, long time.

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