Community Commitments

We succeed together.

How we do business matters

We understand that how we do business matters, not just to our clients, but to our team, our investment managers and suppliers, the environment, and the communities where we live and work. We believe that we can meet the needs of today — our own and our clients’ – while nurturing the resources and potential of future generations, and that our success is inextricably connected to the success of the people around us and the world we live in.

We follow a model we call Creating Shared Value, which means that we consider all stakeholders — clients, employees, suppliers, owners, communities and the environment – when making decisions about how we operate. Here’s how:

Our Clients

We strive to help clients activate the potential for impact of their full balance sheet – their financial assets and also their time, expertise, passions, aspirations, reputation, influence – to achieve their goals for themselves, their loved ones and the world around us.

Our People

We are committed to cultivating a diverse, inclusive, inspiring and equitable work environment that promotes holistic employee well-being and fosters growth, collaboration and acceptance. We know that that when our employees feel valued and supported for all that they are, we are all better for it.

Our Communities

We believe we are stronger together and seek to continually support the communities in which we live and work, offering resources, providing access to networks and facilitating connections.

Our Environment

We are committed to the responsible use and stewardship of the earth’s finite yet cherished and vital resources, through a combination of creative partnership programs with environmental organizations and thoughtful choices in our day-to-day operations to reduce our environmental impact and take steps to create a healthier and more equitable world.

Engaging with our communities

As thoughtful members of our communities and industry leaders, we strive to use our time, influence and resources to create meaningful positive change. We do this through partnerships, sponsorships, and direct participation with a broad range of organizations, including on the ground work with community groups and educational initiatives and material support of nonprofits large and small. In addition, many of our employees serve on nonprofit boards and offer their professional advice to nonprofits focused on a wide range of social and environmental areas.

Annual Impact Report

Learn more about our work with all of our stakeholders to build a more just and sustainable world in our Annual Impact Report.