LNW Experience

Feel our total
commitment to
your success.

Chances are, your financial
life is highly complex.

Imagine bringing all the dimensions of it together into one unified, holistic view. That’s what we help you do.

Together, we go through a step-by-step process. Suddenly, you start to deepen the inter-connections between your vision and your values, and between your assets and aspirations.

Your unique situation and goals dictate the specific blend of expertise and capabilities you and your family need. As your life evolves, the kind of support you receive evolves, too, drawing on the huge range of specialized services at your disposal.

The people you work with combine professional excellence with a rare degree of warmth, sensitivity and commitment to your unique vision. You now have a team of friendly experts perpetually thinking about you, strategizing on your behalf and guiding you toward your goals.

Here’s a broad overview of
how we work with you.

Your custom wealth plan

This is where it all starts. We lead you through a meticulous process to clarify your goals and vision, identify your assets, define milestones and challenges, and basically build the master plan for your entire financial life. Education, estate and retirement planning, philanthropy, trusts, tax strategy, and more are all factored in. C

World-class investing

Your wealth plan creates the context for your investments. Our team is exceptionally savvy at developing investment strategy and picking managers. We have a fantastic track record in private investments, too, including providing access to opportunities that a lot of firms don’t get. For those who want it, our impact investing operation is one of the industry’s most sophisticated. C

Ongoing execution and support

We take a tremendous amount of essential day-to-day execution off your plate. You get that time and energy back, to focus on what matters most to you. And you rest easy knowing every detail of your financial plan and investments is in the hands of experts. We support you day to day, too, as your sounding board for decisions small or large, from buying a home or car to contemplating a major career move. C

The capabilities that comprise your unique experience: