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Trust Services

Tap into the rich creative potential of trusts

Preserve, grow and transfer your assets through LNW trust service

Trusts give you much more than a technical capability. In the hands of our dedicated trust services group, they open up excellent opportunities for you to preserve, grow, and transfer your wealth to future generations.

Like the rest of our work for you, our approach to trust services is highly customized to your specific circumstances and goals. Whichever heirs and benefactors you want to provide for, we take great care to suggest the right kind of trust, with the right features and structure for your situation.

We’ll help you evaluate the strategic and tax benefits. Collaborate closely with your estate planning attorney. Serve as trustee or co-trustee. Manage the investments in your trust. And educate and advise your trust beneficiaries.

Learn more about trusts and our LNW trust services group:

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