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Family Legacy

Creating a Lasting Legacy

Transform your hopes into reality

What is your vision for the future? Your wealth has helped you and your family live a life you can be proud of. Now it may be time to explore how to methodically create a legacy you can be proud of for generations to come.

Providing for your family into future generations can be a fantastic legacy. So can supporting the charities and nonprofits whose work you value.

The most enduring legacies come from a set of values — not just assets — that can continue on with future generations. We’re here to help you define what matters most to you and yours, and what it would take to preserve and nurture that for generations to come.

Helping our clients create or redefine a family legacy is one of the most valuable and fulfilling things we do. It requires bringing together all of LNW’s services to put in place strategies that align your assets with your current needs and your hopes for the future:

  • Wealth planning so you can live comfortably and support the people and causes that matter most to you;
  • Trust services and estate planning to continue that support way into the future; and
  • Investment management to create portfolios truly built to last.

See what’s possible

We start by providing you with a detailed and honest assessment of where you are now and where you want to go. Our analysis can help you answer key questions with confidence.

  • What is the extent and size of my estate?
  • What is required to fund my lifestyle now and decades into the future?
  • How much can I comfortably give to family and charities and when?

The right tools, in the right way, at the right time

Creating a legacy through your wealth is a path only you can take; it’s a thrilling and humbling undertaking. We provide a roadmap of what would work best for you. In the near term, perhaps it’s gifts to family and charity, a donor advised fund, or a revocable trust. In the future, it might mean a charitable remainder trust, the creation of a family foundation or endowment, or a multi-generational trust.

Portfolios built to last

Investing for the long haul is something we have been doing for more than 50 years, as investment managers for family trusts, foundations and endowments. Longevity comes from being able to consistently deliver results, despite a constantly changing global economy. We have the in-house expertise to create and manage portfolios that let you live the life you want now and that will last into the future, positively impacting your loved ones and the world around you all along the way. 

Uniquely positioned for your trust needs

Think of it as a blueprint for what you want your wealth to do, now and in the future. We can help you explore the benefits of trusts, from wealth planning to philanthropy to tax savings, and serve as your trust administrator, trustee or co-trustee.  Our integrated services allow us to manage the legal, financial and administrative aspects of your trust, as well as managing the investment of trust assets.

And this is a relationship built to last. We’re deeply committed to serving as partners to your beneficiaries, providing financial education, helping them make the best possible decisions for themselves, and providing objective guidance when requests may not line up with your intentions for the trust.

Comprehensive family office support

As your wealth and the generations it supports expands, so does the complexity of coordinating all the moving parts. LNW can provide extra support via dedicated family office services. These services are tailored to fulfill family members’ unique needs and preferences, while also ensuring the family’s overarching goals are sustained and pursued. Key aspects of LNW family office services include:  

  • Integrated planning and coordination with third-party advisors
  • Development of family mission, vision and values 
  • Tax strategies, estate gift transfer planning and support 
  • Philanthropy and legacy planning support 
  • Multigenerational wealth planning, next generation education and stewardship 
  • Comprehensive and custom reporting for both individual and common family goals, including assets not managed by LNW