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Investment Management

Exceptional investment management, dedicated to your goals

What makes us unique: Our investment process starts and ends with you.

Like your wealth plan, your investment portfolio is tuned to your precise goals. You benefit from the attention and experience of our high-powered team of wealth managers and research analysts. Together, they craft your investment strategy, research and select managers, and monitor the ongoing performance of your portfolio.

We conduct in-depth due diligence to unearth what we think are the most promising investments in the public and private markets. But we don’t stop there. The last stop is you. Is a particular investment likely to provide what you need or want in terms of growth, income, liquidity, volatility? If not, we work to find what will.

The LNW investment team is comprised of experts who are humble, curious and adept at asking the right questions. Those traits drive (1) our investment research and (2) our quest to understand how you think and what motivates you. The two combined inform our purpose.

Our Purpose: To create for you a strategic plan for investing that brings vision, structure and discipline to the preservation and growth of capital, often over multiple generations. Our investment philosophy is grounded in five key tenets.

Discover LNW’s investment offering

To serve individuals and families with significant multigenerational wealth, our approach is similar to that used by endowments. We invest for the long term, often longer than a lifetime. The portfolios we create are strategically diversified, including semi-liquid private market and alternative asset exposures. The combination of investments in each portfolio is carefully designed to target a level of risk and return that can support client goals over time and as market conditions change.  

Private markets and impact investing

As an LNW client, you will have access to investment opportunities in segments not typically covered by most registered investment advisors (RIAs), including: 

Private markets: LNW has more than three decades of experience investing in the private markets. Over time, we have developed a network of relationships and due diligence capabilities that allow us to source private market opportunities in a variety of sectors and strategies.   

Impact investing: We are a strong partner for clients interested in aligning some or most of their portfolio to achieve environmental or social impact as well as financial goals. Our impact investing team is an industry leader in identifying impact strategies that also present opportunities for competitive returns. 

Diversified and Highly Strategic Portfolios

We believe every asset class serves a specific, complementary function. For each category, we carefully select third-party investment strategies to meaningfully contribute to your goals.

Stability, liquidity, and planned spending needs

  • Cash & Equivalents

Ballast to reduce portfolio risk and generate income

  • Municipals
  • Treasuries/Agencies
  • Investment Grade Corporate Bonds
  • High Yield
  • International Bonds

Broad global equity exposure for portfolio growth

  • Developed Markets
  • Emerging Markets
  • Large/Mid/Small Capitalization

Specialist skill and access to differentiated return potential

  • Venture Capital
  • Growth Equity
  • Buyouts
  • Secondaries

Tangible investments with cash flows that can protect against inflation

  • Public/Private Real Estate
  • Public/Private Infrastructure
  • Commodities
  • Natural Resources

Enhanced diversification and anchoring during periods of market stress

  • Multi-Strategy
  • Long-Short
  • Absolute Return
  • Statistical Arbitrage
  • Event Driven
  • Arbitrage
  • Private Credit