Kate Donnelly

Pronouns: she/her

Wealth Manager & Employee Owner

An educator at heart, Kate excels at listening, explaining things clearly, and answering questions. The discussion might be focused on your investments and finances. But more often than not, it will also touch on a major life choice you face, or what you can do to really make a difference in the region you call home. The exploration of how your assets – financial and personal – can be put to their highest and best use is Kate’s specialty. And something she has been advising on for nearly two decades.

Born and raised on the East Coast, Kate started her career at LNW predecessor Laird Norton Wealth Management back in 2004. What attracted her back in 2021? It was the firm’s deep commitment to working with families over many generations, and strong ties to regional nonprofits and philanthropists. The Pacific Northwest, she believes, “is a region that could lead the world in caring for community, the planet, and recognizing values beyond those that can be measured on a financial statement.” For Kate, LNW is a place where she can help clients make that happen. She has convened and participated alongside clients and community members in these efforts in Washington and Oregon.

Says Kate: “The longevity, stability, and independence of LNW means that I can spend my time understanding clients, their needs, and collaboratively planning for them, rather than prioritizing the needs of shareholders.”

Designations and Education
  • B.A. in Elementary Education, Bucknell University
Community and Industry Affiliations
  • People’s Economy Lab (Community Capital Working Group)
  • Northwest Conservation Philanthropy Fellowship, Fellow and integral in launching the first Portland, OR cohort in 2020