Lauren Halloran

Pronouns: she/her

Chief Compliance Officer

Lauren is responsible for ensuring regulatory compliance in all aspects of our firm’s business and serving as a resource for our team for any compliance related issues. She knows that regulations are intricate and can present challenges and she takes pride in finding the creative solutions they require. The best moments in her day are when she’s reminded that when we find the right solution, it really can be the right solution for everyone. Her goal is always to make our team and our clients safe and happy, and when the pieces come together, she feels it makes all the effort involved worth it.

Lauren began her career in the finance industry working at AllianceBernstein in 2006 but quickly discovered that she loved the complex problem solving of working in compliance. After working at Mellon Capital and BlackRock, Inc. Lauren then transitioned to consulting, where she advised investment advisors of various sizes around the country and assisted in developing and maintaining their compliance programs. After years of consulting, she relished the opportunity to come in house and guide a compliance program herself at our firm.

Solving the complicated questions we face is something we take pride in, because it’s a part of our responsibility to our clients and what’s best for the firm.
Designations and Education
  • B.A. in International Relations, the Maxwell School at Syracuse University
Personal Passion

Trying new work outs, traveling to warm destinations, and taking advantage of the many restaurants the Bay Area has to offer.