Megu Kilmer-Morris

Pronouns: she/her

Senior Operations Analyst

Megu’s work is behind-the-scenes at LNW, but it is critically important. She makes sure that the data and reports we provide to clients regarding alternative investments are accurate, up-to-date and easy to understand. Before LNW, Megu worked at Filament LLC, which merged with LNW’s predecessor Laird Norton Wealth Management. Prior to that, she was Vice President, Risk Management at BlackRock Alternative Advisors.  

Raised and educated in Japan, Megu has a keen eye for detail and making sure nothing goes unaccounted. Having worked in risk management in the past, she is a firm believer in assessing all aspects of a problem before proposing a solution.  

Designations and Education
  • Business Administration, International Education Center (IEC), Tokyo, Japan