LNW Value-Added Services

The benefits of LNW’s integrated approach tend to compound over the decades and through future generations.

LNW as the GPS for your wealth

From Seattle to NYC, an Asset Management Firm that Stands Apart

LNW’s integrated approach to asset management knocks down the silos that typically exist between your investments and other assets, finances, insurance, ownership structures (LLCs, partnerships, trusts, etc.) and whatever may be on the horizon for you financially.

LNW’s integrated approach means we can help add value every time you make a major financial decision. Think of us as the GPS (global positioning system) for your wealth.

Unlike many investment and asset management firms, be they in New York, San Francisco or Seattle, LNW advises you based on a 360-degree view of your finances. Not just your investments but all your assets, including real estate and business-related holdings, and even the human capital waiting to be developed within your family, as you and your loved ones transition from one phase of life to another.

As wealth advisors since 1967, we have seen first-hand that the most effective financial decisions are made in context your life and entire asset base, as well as factors like potential risk/return, taxes, and cash flow. As we work to optimize all these factors for your specific situation, the benefits tend to compound over the decades and through multiple generations.

We call this integrated wealth management. And we believe it is the most effective way to manage your assets to get the results you want over long periods of time.

Asset Management that Aligns with Your True North

While we think integrated asset management does maximize net returns, we don’t think the benefits can be boiled down to single number. Each client’s finances and priorities are different. 

Here at LNW, the number we care about most is your risk-adjusted net return (after fees, taxes and inflation), across your entire asset base. The services we provide — in addition to investment management — are not just nice add-ons. They are how we help you attain a higher net total return, more stable cash flow, and peace of mind.

Asset Management that Keeps You Invested
for the Long Run, Comfortably

First and foremost, we carefully manage the overall price volatility of your portfolio so that it matches your tolerance for risk. Keeping you within your risk comfort zone makes it much more likely that you will remain invested through market downturns to profit from the upturns. 

Access to sought-after investment managers, negotiated discounts and preferred pricing. We provide access to top-tier asset managers and investments usually not available to individual investors or smaller investment firms. Because investment costs can gobble up a sizable chunk of total return over time, we seek to negotiate manager-fee discounts and preferred pricing. We also carefully consider which asset classes in your portfolio warrant active management, and when you’re better off in lower-cost index funds.

Asset Management that Manages Your Level of Risk from Day 1

We focus on managing your risk on many different levels from the start of our relationship, with the goal of eliminating or mitigating unnecessary exposures so your wealth is well-positioned for continued growth. 

We strategize to reduce risk in your investment portfolio, other types of assets you hold, and your work/life activities. This includes multifaceted insurance analysis (life, health, property, art & collectibles, umbrella, D&PO, E&O, commercial), tax liability analysis, and cash flow sustainability analysis. 

In investments, our primary focus is putting you on the “efficient frontier.” That is, managing your investments with the goal of attaining the highest net return given what you and your finances can realistically handle in terms of price volatility and the probability of a loss. 

Asset Management that Includes a Variety of Tax Strategies Tailored to Benefit You

Tax planning becomes ever more important as your asset base grows. We focus on increasing your after-tax return across your entire asset base by: (1) offsetting, lowering or deferring your capital gains; (2) sourcing income from tax-advantaged accounts; (3) strategically locating assets in taxable, tax-deferred and tax-free accounts; (4) applying tools and strategies that allow you to transfer wealth tax-efficiently. Finally, investing your money with tax-efficient asset managers is a major objective here at LNW, because this can have a big impact on your portfolio net total return.

Asset Management that Makes the Most of Your Cash Flow

How much income can your portfolio comfortably generate? What will be the impact of major funding needs? From which accounts should you draw down assets, and how often? The timing and source of your withdrawals can make a big difference in your portfolio’s overall return. LNW’s ongoing cash flow sustainability analysis helps keep more of your money invested. And we help you strategize about how to fund major purchases, so you’re less likely to sell in down markets.

Asset Management that Integrates Trust and Estate Planning

Our trust and estate planning experts can help safeguard and grow your wealth for generations to come. We can advise on the most effective ways for you to transfer assets to those you love, reduce your estate taxes and support the causes you care about most. 

If you’re just beginning to consider your legacy, we can propose to your attorney the estate-planning tools best suited to align your asset base with your goals. Not only can LNW’s guidance save you billable attorney time, it is more likely to result in an estate plan that fully reflects who you are — your goals and aspirations as well as your finances. 

Once your plan is in place, LNW stays at your side; we continue to manage the assets in your trust(s) and help to preserve family harmony. When conflicts arise or tough decisions need to be made, our trust experts can provide a valuable third-party perspective. Year-in and year-out, we closely monitor tax laws and government regulations, so your estate plan can continue to function as intended.

The Bottom Line: Asset Management that Serves You

If you want to explore all the ways LNW can help with your investments, wealth planning and your estate and legacy, please reach out. 

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