Laird Norton Wetherby: A New Force in Wealth Management

“LNW is a testament to the aspirations of our clients, the talent and commitment of our team and the unwavering support of our owners.”

— Kristen Bauer, CEO

Today, January 11, marks a major milestone for our firm. We are very proud and excited to be coming together under the dynamic banner LNW (Laird Norton Wetherby). Our new name and look signify what we have worked hard to achieve: a much-needed and unique advisory for people and families with significant wealth, one that is expert-driven, impactful and highly personal.

The three letters – L N W – signify an exceptional and inspiring place to work and to serve clients. They reflect three years of melding together the strengths and capabilities of three firms that had always put clients first: Laird Norton Wealth Management, Wetherby Asset Management and Filament LLC. As we joined forces, we never lost sight of our our shared purpose: To continue being a strategic partner for our clients, to always understand their bigger picture and to be an active advocate and enabler of their ambitions.

Our True North 

The team that is now LNW consists of nearly 200 people in six offices across the U.S. Regardless of where we are based, we are united by five firm-wide values centered on service, trust, caring, professional excellence and empowering each other. You can count on us to live and work by these values as we continue to create new possibilities and opportunities for our clients, team members and communities.

Our intent is for LNW to be a home: a place where people can pursue their goals, know they’re cared for, and be surrounded by dedicated experts. Nothing gets greater emphasis than helping our clients get the results they are looking for. Their purpose is ours.

We create value for all our stakeholders: Helping our clients use their wealth to make a positive difference; engaging and rewarding LNW team members so they can grow professionally and personally; providing our owners (the Laird Norton Company + employees) with a reasonable return; and giving back to the communities where we live and work.

We feel confident that we aren’t just here for our clients today; we will be here for generations to come. We are backed by one of the longest sustained family enterprises in the country, one which can teach a lot to the world about multigenerational wealth.

The pointy center of our logo serves as a reminder that we are here to help each of our clients take steps toward their True North, what gives purpose and meaning to their lives, using their assets and other resources to help get them there.

Read the press release on LNW launch.