LNWM’s Debra Smiley Named President of Estate Planning Council of Seattle

“The Estate Planning Council of Seattle has appointed a new slate of officers to lead the council for 2023-2024, with Debra Smiley of Seattle-based Laird Norton Wealth Management as president.” — Daily Journal of Commerce,  Friday, June 23, 2023.

We are thrilled that Debra Smiley, Director, Client Services at LNWM is starting her tenure as President of Estate Planning Council of Seattle. A big believer in sharing her knowledge to help others, Debra is actively involved with community nonprofits that create opportunities for minorities to learn and achieve. She has been especially focused on creating awareness among people of color about how to build multigenerational wealth and attracting more minorities to work in trusts and estate planning.

Read this Q&A with Debra on how her career in estate planning and how she is bringing this knowledge to underserved communities: