New Thematic Investment Solutions to Target Social Impact

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Laird Norton Wealth Management, Calvert, Parametric Collaborate to Highlight the “S” in ESG

SEATTLE, December 7, 2021 – Laird Norton Wealth Management (LNWM), Calvert Research and Management (Calvert) and Parametric Portfolio Associates (Parametric) announced today that the three companies have created two new thematic investment solutions designed to address social issues such as global human rights, affordable housing, access to basic services and more that can expand opportunities for investors interested in using their portfolios for social impact.

The thematic solutions come at a time when interest in sustainable investing that considers environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) factors is on the rise but suffers from a scarcity of public equity investment strategies targeting these types of acute social issues.

“The sustainable investing opportunity set simply has not supported the demand from investors to tackle social issues,” said Ronald G. Albahary, CFA, LNWM’s chief investment officer. “With a dearth of options, we set out to design solutions our clients need, and Calvert and Parametric were the perfect collaborators to bring this new strategy to life.”

In early 2021, LNWM approached Calvert, a pioneer in sustainable investing, and Parametric, a leader in portfolio customization, and the three companies worked together to create the new strategies. The thematic solutions address investor demand, as assessed by LNWM’s work with high-net-worth, ultra-high-net-worth clients, foundations, endowments and nonprofit organizations. Calvert’s extensive research about ESG factors and key performance sustainability indicators and Parametric’s rules-based methodology power the unique solutions for LNWM clients.

The two socially focused thematic solutions are called Empowerment and Community Health and Wellness.

The Empowerment solution focuses on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI); financial inclusion, especially companies that provide affordable financial services to unserved populations and low-income communities; and how corporate activities preserve and improve on human rights. LNWM chose these three issues for their potential to reduce rising inequality and create opportunity for more people on a global scale.

The Community Health and Wellness solution emphasizes affordable housing; product responsibility; health care and nutrition; quality jobs; and basic services, such as drinking water, sanitation, energy, waste collection and broadband internet. These issues were identified for their potential to create strong and vibrant communities.

Both solutions were created in alignment with the United Nations’ Social Development Goals for 2030 and will invest in companies at the forefront of positive change on global socioeconomic goals. They will be invested through separately managed accounts (SMAs) that contain approximately 150 to 200 companies researched and vetted by Calvert, including companies of varying sizes, sectors and geographies. Account holdings will be reviewed regularly to monitor and, when necessary, optimize ongoing investments. The solutions will initially be available to LNWM’s clients but are expected to be expanded to other investors over time.

While the collaborative focus on social impact themes is new, the three companies have a history of working together. LNWM has recommended mutual funds offered by Calvert and has utilized Calvert’s Responsible Core Indexes that are implemented by Parametric in SMA format. In addition, LNWM recently launched a thematic solution called Planet Sustainability and Innovation, which invests in mutual funds targeting companies attempting to lead the global energy transition as well as those creating long-term sustainability in air, water, land, waste and biodiversity. Calvert is one of the three fund providers LNWM selected for its expertise in global water solutions.

“Sustainable investing has proven to be a sound strategy and it needs to be done right – goals-driven, performance-backed, and with companies that know what they’re doing,” said LNWM’s Josh Hile, director, Investment Strategy and Research. “We’re excited to be working with Calvert and Parametric to bring these new social impact themes to investors and put a new spotlight on the “S” in ESG.”

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