The Monday Mix: April 6 – 12, 2020

people walking on street

Headlines discussed at LNWM’s Monday morning briefing:

New cases of the coronavirus in the US could peak this week, the director of the CDC said, as social distancing measures seem to be working to contain spread.

More than 6 million Americans filed for unemployment benefits last week, bringing the total number of new claims to nearly 17 million in three weeks.

The Eurozone itself (as opposed to member countries) will issue $500 billion in “coronavirus bonds,” a historic 1st for the bloc, as Germany and the Netherlands supported shared responsibility for debt repayment.

The Federal Reserve unveiled a new round of credit market support, via $2.3 trillion in loans to shore up businesses and municipal governments.

OPEC and its allies agreed to cut oil production by just under 10 billion barrels a day May 1 through June, but that is still not enough to offset falling global demand.

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