Impact Investing: What We Are Working On at the Start of the 2020s

Investing for impact can come in many different forms. In both the private and public markets. For example: A private debt offering we are currently evaluating for our clients raises funding that will be used to build a large affordable-housing complex in a lower-income neighborhood in Seattle, close to an upcoming light rail station that will connect Seattle with the Eastside. Given the great need for affordable housing in the Seattle area, our goal is to offer clients a way to get a good return while also having a positive social impact.

That combination — financial return and positive impact — we call the “utility of return.” In a recent article for Seattle Business Magazine, LNWM CIO Gino Perrina noted that defining utility is what helps us define our ESG and impact investing strategy and how well it is working. To find out more about how LNWM can help you align your investments with your values, read this Q&A with Gino and Jeanne Goussev, Managing Director of Fiduciary Services at LNWM.