LNWM CEO on the Future of Wealth Management in Seattle

Close up of great wheel Seattle waterfront

Today in the Family Wealth Report there’s a forward-looking article about wealth management in the Seattle area. One of the executives interviewed by writer Charles Paikert was our own CEO, Kristen Bauer. Even though we’ve had more than a decade of phenomenal wealth creation, our region is not immune to the many economic and social challenges facing the US. Kristen Bauer pointed out a distinguishing feature of wealth management in the Seattle area, which bodes well for the future:

“Seattle is a market where clients want to align their investments with their values,” Bauer said. “They think creatively about their impact on the world and they have really great role models here with organizations like the Gates Foundation. And they want to have like-minded partners when they make their decisions.” — Read the full article: Seattle Wealth Management Market: Can Explosive Growth Continue?