The Monday Mix: Dec. 21 – 27, 2020

hand holding a coffee cup and newspaper

Headlines discussed at LNWM’s Monday morning briefing:

President Trump, after threatening veto, signed $900 billion Covid-relief package and $1.4 trillion to fund the US government during the coming year.

The U.K. and the European Union finally reached agreement on Brexit terms days before New Year deadline.

U.S. 2020 holiday sales (Nov. 1 – Dec. 24) were up a healthy 2.4% from 2019, with 20% online vs. 13% last year.

U.S. new home sales fell 11% in November, more than expected, but are up 21% from a year ago.

China is testing and promoting a digital version of its currency — the e-yuan — domestically at first but aiming also for use in global trade. 

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