The Monday Mix: Dec. 4 – 10, 2023

Top-of-mind economic news as we start the week:

The U.S. economy added a healthy 199,000 jobs in Nov. but below the 240,000 average for the past 12 months; unemployment fell to 3.7%.

U.S. consumer expectations for coming year fell from 4.5% down to 3.1%, the lowest level since March 2021.

U.S. oil prices dropped to under $70/barrel, the lowest level since June, despite OPEC production cuts to raise prices.

The European Union issued the world’s first government regulations on AI, as use of artificial intelligence takes off.

U.S. multinational corporations may have to comply with climate reporting rules imposed by Europe, until U.S. rules (due April 2024 from the SEC) are adopted.