When Co-Trustees Are a Good Idea

Trusts at LNW are built on relationships that grow and are reinforced over time. One of the key relationships we have as a corporate trustee is with the people whom our clients designate as co-trustees. To understand how LNW works with co-trustees, we sat down with Kristi Mathisen, Managing Director of Tax and Financial Planning at LNW. Kristi advises on tax, trust and estate planning strategies that allow families to make the most of significant multigenerational wealth.

In the Q&A with Kristi, we cover a lot of ground that people who want to set up trusts often wonder about:

  • When is it a good idea to name a co-trustee?
  • What are the duties and legal obligations of co-trustees?
  • What happens when co-trustees disagree? 
  • How LNW works effectively with co-trustees often over many generations.

Read the Q&A here