A New Year with New Possibilities

Looking back on 2020, I suspect many people will see it as a turning point. And not just because we now have multiple vaccines to tame a raging pandemic and a new Administration in the White House. Just as important, I think, is that the past year has given us all many opportunities to think about health – physical health, the most basic and important, but also economic, social, and environmental health.

Many of us have entered 2021 with new perspectives on what it means to be whole and healthy – personally, as a family, and as a community/society. For me, it’s not surprising that the word “healthy” is Old English for “whole.” Having worked with many successful families during the past two decades, I have seen what it means to be whole or “all in”; it means connecting what defines you (your interests, abilities) with what you have/own and how you want to live.

That is what makes 2021 so exciting for me and the entire team here at LNWM: We are better prepared than ever to help our clients go “all in” during what is likely to be a changing economic, political and societal landscape. This can mean adjusting investment and financial plans so you stay on track with your life goals. Or it can be exploring with you bold new ideas about the impacts you would like to make or what you might want to pursue – a period of transformation.

LNWM’s recent merger with Filament LLC means that during a time of great change and uncertainty we have even more expertise available to apply to each client’s situation, assess what is possible from all angles and determine the best way forward. To find out more, I invite you to read this Q&A with Conrad, John and Scott, the three founders of Filament.

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