Our Annual Impact Report Outlines Threats & Progress

Looking back at the past year, we hear many of our peers in the industry use words like change, uncertainty and volatility. For the past several years, in fact, we have been adapting to what has often been referred to as the “new normal,” which in many ways may not have felt normal at all. Market volatility, the backlash against ESG, growing polarization and division, and the ongoing upheaval in our individual lives and broader society have all combined to bring us to what may be another inflection point.

In the sixth edition of its annual impact report, our sister company Wetherby Asset Management recaps a year that saw impact investing tested amid market volatility and the ongoing challenges we face as a society, but once again showing its value and resilience and the real commitment of investors. We are pleased to share this review of Wetherby’s efforts to create value on behalf of all stakeholders – clients, our employees, the community and the environment – as we combine our two firms to expand capabilities in integrated impact.

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