CEO Kristen Bauer on What Makes LNWM LNWM

LNWM CEO Kirsten Bauer was recently interviewed by the private equity firm the Rosemount Investment Group on LNWM’s approach to managing family wealth. Given Kristen’s long history helping families plan for multigenerational wealth, it makes perfect sense she now leads LNWM, which has long focused on clients who want to have the greatest impact with their wealth over many generations.

One rather surprising thing Kristen said is that as a firm we are intentionally in-efficient when it comes to working with clients on the front end. It’s core to how we operate, she says, that LNWM advisors, analysts and associates take all the time required to fully explore with our clients and their family members the possibilities of their wealth, what she calls she calls the family’s “full balance sheet.” Some of these possibilities are obvious, some overlooked and still others never considered before. It takes time to go from what is possible, to what is likely, to “yes, this is what feels just right for us; let’s do this!” Out of the process of exploration comes a baseline against which we can measure if we are in in fact delivering on the things that matter most to our clients.

We combine this with highly efficient execution on the backend, in terms of portfolio management, the actual implementation of wealth and estate plans, including trust administration, and finding timely solutions for a wide variety of client needs.

Listen to the podcast below to find out why Kristen is excited about our 2022 merger with Wetherby Asset Management and how we are creating a firm that will deliver even greater value for our clients, our employees/owners, and the communities we operate in.